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Fixed Window Screens

Did you know inviting fresh air flow into your home can be a health benefit To avoid 'Sick Home Syndrome' outdoor air is necessary to reduce the amount of indoor pollutants such as bacteria, mould and mildew. Did you know that a home break-in is more likely to occur through a window than any other…
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SupaScape™ Fire Egress Window Screens

Hard to break in, easy to break out. Feel safe, even in emergency situations. The Amplimesh fire egress security system has been designed and tested to prevent unwanted visitors from entering your home via the windows, but provides you and your family with an escape path in the event of a fire or other critical…
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Fall Prevention Screens

Peace of mind for window screen safety. The Australian Window Association (AWA) has developed a standard method of testing for hardware items and screens to ensure compliance with these measures. This document is referred to as the "Protection of Openable Window Test Specification -Industry Code of Practice". The Amplimesh SupaSafe Fall Prevention Screen has been…
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